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Refurbishment and internal alterations – Havering Atte Bower – Havering – GREEN BELT – GRADE ll* LISTED BUILDING.


To install a new bathroom and update an existing, investigate and repair the cantilevered staircase and update an existing bathroom.  In addition, refurbish the lead roof and copper parapets and gutters.  Refurbish and repair the rendered façade, timber fenestration and ironwork and redecorate.  As lead Architects on this prestigious project it was important to provide a strategy to investigate and gain the appropriate statutory approvals and coordinate the other specialist consultants.  The building had not been maintained in a planned way since a major refurbishment in the 1980’s and following surveys by a Conservation Surveyor and Conservation Structural Engineer we were able to provide a detailed report of the required works for a full restoration.  This also underpins the submissions for Planning and Listed Building consent.  The addition of an additional bathroom and the refurbishment will result in the building being provided with the amenities that a modern day family require.

Green Belt

Although within the Green Belt the works have no impact and therefore we consider the works are not detrimental.

Listed Building

The staircase is  a timber cantilevered staircase showing some level of distress and it was important to be able to investigate, as a result we submitted a Certificate of Lawful Development for proposed works to a Listed Building.  We have prepared a comprehensive Heritage, Design and Access statement which addressed the significance of the building and its Heritage and the levels of intrusion and why these were acceptable.  This is a complex piece of work and incorporates the Surveyors and Structural Engineers findings and recommendations.

  It was necessary to consider carefully the choice of materials, including paint to ensure that they were both suitable for the Listed Building and compatible with the original materials and also materials used during the 1980s refurbishment.  We have also completed a Heritage Statement which provides guidance to the Client and Contractors of the materials and method of carrying out the works.  This is at a strategic level which is also designed to give confidence to the checking Authorities.  

In addition to the challenges of a Grade ll* building it was necessary to provide an Environmental assessment and following this a Bat emergence survey.  Issues such as this are important as Planning Authorities will, as a rule, not validate an application without the surveys being in place and the surveys are only possible during a small window during the year.  The completed work will result in a unique building of the 18th century being returned to its former glory and providing a family home where a planned maintenance program will provide it with a financially viable and sustainable future.